Saturday, October 13, 2018

Messianic Retreat 2018. Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC)

The 4th International Jewish Messianic Prayer Retreat is going to take place in the USA

The International Prayer Retreat with the focus on the ministry to the Jewish people is going to take place in San Diego, California on November 7-10.
4th International Messianic retreat is annually initiated by Jewish Messianic congregation in San Diego and its leader – Vadim Keldysh. 
To participate in the retreat people will be coming to San Diego from all over the US (Florida, Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, and California), Ukraine and Israel.

At the prayer retreat the following themes are going to be discussed:
- Tshuva of Jews in diaspora
- What is the “David’s Fallen Tabernacle” and how it can be restored?
- The latest experience; ministry in a new way to the Jews in Israel and in countries of Diaspora.
- How to be open to “demonstration of the Spirit and of power” and how not to be carried to the excess.
- Prayer for ministers and their families. 
Two main speakers will be sharing the Word at the retreat:
Paul Zink – bishop and founder of New Life Christian Fellowship and Providence school (Florida, the USA)
Boris Grisenko – Senior Rabbi at Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (Kiev, Ukraine)
San Diego Jewish Messianic Congregation is inviting all ministers seeking to go deeper in understanding the ministry to Jewish people in the USA, to receive practical skills in doing that and be renewed in prayer and the Holy Spirit.

Address: 5185 Acuna Street, San Diego, CA 92117
For details and to register give us a call: 619 452 5446

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