Wednesday, April 6, 2011


CALEME, TERESOPLIS, BRAZIL - People of the barrio of Caleme have witnessed. Saturday 5 dead bodies raised from the dead in the street.  Another 10 bodies from the morgue have been raised to life.  One woman who drowned and was dead was also raised back to life.  The people in Caleme reproted that 5 American men went near the 5 bodies and yelled, "RISE AND LIVE IN THE NAME OF JESUS".  The dead bodies started to shake and stood up and walked and are alive.  At the nearby morgue, there were 10 bodies in the hallway.  People said that 5 foreign women went near the bodies and said, "RISE AND LIVE IN THE NAME OF JESUS".
    The dead bodies shook and stood up shaking and walking and were alive.  People were screaming, yelling.  Riot at the barrio of Caleme.  These 5 dead bodies in the street of Caleme have been dead since Wednesday, January 12.  The 10 dead bodies in the morgue have been left in the hallway since Wednesday.  People have talked to the dead risen. They are still weak but were able to talk and they said, " I was in a dark place many people crying, shouting, "Was I asleep?  Now i am alive!"
    I know i was dead, i was in a dark ugly place.  I do not know what happened but I am back to life.  God is alive".  The families of these dead are celebrating and happy. 
    There has been hope in Caleme since Saturday. READ MORE HERE>>>

DO THE MITZVAH, Let Moshiach Come!