Sunday, March 11, 2012

Testimonies from the streets of Portland, video and written ones

Shalom my friends!
I want to share with you about our Saturday outreach day in Portland, Oregon. 
First of all I apologize for not writing testimonies every week as I was planning in the beginning of this year, but you get an idea of what we do during a week, on Holy Shabbats (Saturdays), Sunday services in Portland Rescue Mission and so on. We keep praying for people of Greater Portland on regular basis.
And today I just want to share with you what was happening on Saturday, March 10, 2012 because there is much more better author of testimonies than myself (Gene Galyuk), his name is Joshua Shaw and he is a leader of prayer warriors group "Walk After Christ" and we are the part of it, so instead of doing it myself I let you read his testimony right here, just click here and you will see it. It is only his part of the story, I just can add that on Saturday me and my wife joined "Walk After Christ" and have seen amazing stuff and recorded it.
There are the videos of some testimonies from Saturday prayer day:

Diabetes and neck got healed

 We have seen our friend, bumped into him on the streets, Steve Struder, click here for his recent testimony, and he is doing great! with his friend Phillip they are in charge of some important leadership programs now in Portland Rescue Mission!
We have seen testimony of neck got healed instantly by the power of Jewish Messiah (Jesus Christ) and some other things described by Joshua, on Sunday I have seen back's pinched nerve got mended and right hand of man got healed during prayer instantly! God is such a good and loving Father! So enjoy the reading and watching 5 video testimonies. God bless you in Yeshua HaMashiach's name!

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