Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"ISRAEL, COME HOME!" Jewish Prophet Tom Deckard (Prophecy)


  1. Who is this behemoth who claims he fasts for extended periods of time? Does he look like he has ever missed a meal to you? This man who tears families apart? Who breaks the Law when nobody is looking? This man who takes the money from his followers and takes as many as 15 people on all-expense paid extended vacations with that money? the man who claims a vow of poverty and he and his wife each drive a matching Cadillac Escalade purchased locally by Tom, himself! Does he say anything about the woman who died during his January 2012 quarterly? No, he covers it up!

  2. How many of his followers are divorced because he does not allow his followers to stay married to anyone who disagrees with him? He has many failed prophesies, check out www.prophettomdeckard.com or www.freedomfromthelaw.com for more information. BEWARE! THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS MAN! You can't ask Georgina Vacio, because she is dead! Larry Carls is dead too! How many more are there?