Saturday, August 11, 2018

Videos from last worship night with Gesha Ushivec and Constantine Kosyachkov

We had an amazing worship night with our friends. This post will give you an idea how much fun it was to glorify our God with 
Gesha Ushivec
Constantine Kosyachkov
Vasiliy Chehovskiy and their band

Saturday, February 10, 2018

New web page to get in touch with us

God's blessings to all friends of the Messianic Center!
We want to give you an update about how to get hold of us better as we are the part of Prayer and Intercession group SHOMER WATCHMEN now. We get together with other believers in Moshiach and God of Israel on Saturdays but there is much more to it because we pray for our cities, our families and the land that we live now United States and of course we pray for the promised land, land of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.
So the better way to contact us is through the Facebook page with the name 
you can click here and ask to join the move of God
Blessing to all in Yeshua Mighty name!
click here!